Molecular Diagnostics


bROC: Analysis of gene expression in microarray and RNA-seq high throughput experiments


bROC (Bootstrapped ROC) is a novel algorithm is used in the discovery of differentially expressed probes/genes

in differential expression experiments. It is available as a plugin for CLC bio Main Workbench and Genomics Workbench.


The algorithm has been tested on Affymetrix GeneChip and Illumina Genome Analyzer data.

The algorithm should be applicable to data from all expression platforms that produce measurements for a large number of molecular entities.


DNA microarray and next generation sequencing (RNA-seq) technologies enable simultaneous profiling of thousands of transcripts and/or genes in cells or tissues.

Their current applications include gene profiling, gene regulation studies, disease biomarker discovery,

toxicogenomics, pharmacogenomics, and clinical diagnostics and prognosis.


Benefits of the bROC algorithm include:


Product sheet (PDF)

White paper, microarray analysis (PDF)

RNA-seq Application Note (PDF)

Poster presentation (PDF) - 2010 Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics.